Predictive Dialer

In today’s market there are numerous predictive dialer solution provider available, competing at cut-throat prices and a list of unique features. So when choosing the best suited solution provider, one must be careful and look at in-depth features and dig deep into detailed description of the solution and the provider, as it is fairly easy to fall prey to tricky advertisement techniques and maneuvers.

Firstly, installing and deploying a predictive dialer communication system to run your call center business is an excellent and effect step. The predictive dialer has the ability to improve and contour numerous functions, as well as also increase your company and its employees and calling agent’s productivity. The predictive dialer helps in performing the most major task of calling your contact list. The first and most important function of a predictive dialer is to manage and handle calls in an effective manner. With the help of built in artificial intelligence, the predictive dialer makes the calls and forwards them to the agents. Resulting in increased efficiency and productivity of the calling agents.

Generally, most of the auto dialer software allows sale reps to dial a huge amount of numbers but the predictive dialer carries this out by calling on more numbers then the number of available sales reps or agents. Although there is chance that when the dialer makes a call and it is answered, there will be no available sales rep to talk to. Thus the call is generally dropped and the leads are wasted. After purchasing a predictive dialer and have it set up, you need to provide the predictive dialer with a list of phone numbers. The predictive dialer’s main purpose is to find people to answer the phone calls and forward them to the agents. With this sort of dialing software system, your agents will be able to talk to more people in a specific time interval.

The predictive dialer is also known as a web based predictive dialer. It is a solution offered by some of the well-known cloud hosting companies. This dialing solution is similar to the hardware predictive dialer solution, but it is offered through a web hosted interface. Just like the expensive hardware, the web based solution dials a list of predefined telephone numbers in such a calculated way that it eliminates those calls which are busy, no answer, fax tone, answering machine (optional), and even those numbers that are listed in the National Do Not Call Registry. This hosted solution is an ideal and cost effective solution for any call center and can efficiently improve sales and marketing goals.

A lot of these predictive dialers now a days come with a CRM capability which allows keeping track of important information like callbacks, leads and sales. This predictive dialer feature allows better control over employees of your call center as this allows you to monitor your call center closely, even to the extent of listening to an agents call without their knowledge and even recording it.

The predictive dialer helps save precious time by eliminating the need to manually dial numbers, wait for a call to be answered or have unanswered calls. Because of this the predictive dialer gives telemarketer the ability to spend more time with customers and less time, which once, wasted on dialing and waiting for a customer to answer their phone. This technology is a must for any advertising company that uses telemarketing as one of its methods of advertising.