Hosted IP PBX – Hosted IP PBX Systems Features and Review

Hosted IP PBX phone systems help reduce telecommunication expenses while improving business communications.. This is a major benefit from the technology advances in VoIP solutions and business virtual IP PBX services. Hosted IP PBX phone systems provides a lot of diverse features. It is now easier than ever to bring unified communications into your business while offering outstanding customer support services through simplified system configuration and management. The development of the Virtual PBX has made it possible for a small company to project an enterprise company image to their clients.

What is Hosted IP PBX?

Hosted IP PBX is an internet telephone system for small business enterprises. This system is entirely different from traditional telephone services. Hosted services are provided from the premises of the service provider, so the small business enterprises can now enjoy numerous beneficial options without installing any hardware or software. The key advantage of having a Hosted IP PBX system is that you can save the major part of your monthly phone bill while enjoying a number of Hosted IP PBX phone systems.

Hosted IP PBX and Virtual PBX to Avoid Expensive Upfront Costs

Installation is easy and there is no need for the actual purchase of a Virtual PBX system. No telecommunications hardware equipment is required. With the PBX system being hosted in a virtual manner by the provider, businesses don’t have to upgrade or maintain their system. Numerous providers are active in the market, offering hosted IP PBX phone systems with great features.They also offer timely software, hardware upgrades and maintenance services. As a result, small business organizations can save the operating costs associated with equipment purchase and maintenance services. The hosted IP PBX services are provided through a hosted server using high speed Internet or dedicated telephone networks.

Hosted Virtual PBX Key Features

A hosted IP PBX telephone system provides excellent versatility and scalability providing the absolute best customized telecommunications solution for your business needs.

Key features included in Virtual PBX phone systems

Auto Attendant

Call Conferencing

Find Me Follow Me Call Forwarding

Call Waiting

Caller ID

Voice Mail

Fax Mail

Voice to Email

Custom Message Alerts

It provides the callers with a listing of options for example, dial-by-name, dial-by-extension and so forth. Depending on the option chosen by the callers, calls are transferred to the required departments or employees.

All these strong features enable easy management of business, even from remote locations. As there are many service providers, it is best to spend some time to find the providers that offer the best products, service plans, and maintenance services. Hosted IP PBX system that we provide can be customized to meet the growing needs of your business.

Hosted PBX: Save on the Expenses of Deploying On-site Equipment

Traditional PBX hardware is rather expensive. Unlike traditional systems, you can enjoy substantial cost benefits with hosted IP phone systems. You don’t have to install any additional expensive on-site PBX equipment in your premises, as in the case of conventional ones. The VoIP technology helps to make use of the remotely hosted PBX phone system, which does not require complex hardware, software or networks in your office. Your existing phone line and broadband connection (DSL, Cable, or FIOS) would be sufficient to get started with these services.

Hosted VoIP PBX Feature-rich Web Interface

Hosted PBX VoIP phone systems are entirely web-based solutions, any number of phone lines can be easily integrated to a single phone line. The Ethernet connection lets you connect to any number of lines in your home network, office or personal numbers. Businesses can save on the expenses for installing additional phone lines to their employees. Additionally, there are auto attendants, live person answering system, voice mail, conference calling, custom configuration and other superior call management functionalities that would really benefit your small business enterprise.

The auto attendant feature eliminates the need of recruiting additional staff for attending and routing calls. With the advanced portal interface, incoming calls can be automatically routed to the required extensions.

Save Calling Rates With VoIP PBX Systems

Monthly telecom bills can be cut down to half with the hosted PBX VoIP phone systems. The service providers usually give a local number, or toll free number that links with your existing phone lines. Your callers will not be charged for making calls to your office through the toll free numbers.

With all the sophisticated call management features and service benefits of hosted VoIP PBX phone systems you can facilitate effective communication, all at reduced expenses.